Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Shop History

The Bike Peddler was started by a nice couple who saw an opportunity in Bozeman for a used bike shop in 2010. After growing the business in their garage they moved it to 101 East Oak Street.

In spring of 2013 the shop was bought by Brian Wood when the previous shopkeepers decided to move on to other things. Brian kept the original shop name and as many of the existing employees as possible for the first year. With his history in the cycling industry, Brian began upgrading the tools at the shop and added the DeVinci bike brand to the current offerings.

In 2018 Brian moved the shop to its current location, 108 Bridger Drive.




Transition to Gear Wizard

Winter 2013/14 was the first year the shop offered services on skis and snowboards, this prompted the shift in name from Bike Peddler to Gear Wizard. In 2014 the shop was remodeled, allowing customers to browse used parts and providing easier access to products offered. Additional used skis and tuning services were added.








Brian tosses a cheap bike to celebrate his graduation from Barnett Bicycle Institute.

Brian tosses a cheap bike to celebrate his graduation from Barnett Bicycle Institute.

Brian’s History

In the early 80’s Brian bought his first new bike with money earned from a paper route: a Royal Enfield. As a result of using the bike back and forth to multiple swim workout locations and school, the bike was in need of service. After trying a few shops in his home town of Lincoln NE, he came upon the Bike Peddler whose owner was involved in aquatics also. Brian joined the Velo-city race team out of the Bike Peddler and started road racing as a junior.

Aquatics was still his focus, until he got his first job with Bicycle Specialties in Omaha, from then on his career focused on the cycling industry. Brian relocated to Fort Collins Colorado and worked for multiple independent shops until he was offered a job with a large outdoor sports cooperative where he was promoted to shop and then store management. In 2002 he took a job with Winter Park Resort, while there he made successful efforts to expand their summer cycling business. This project is now known as the Trestle Bike Park. In 2005 Brian returned to his previous job which required moving his young family multiple times.

Landing by fate in Bozeman in 2010, Brian and his family fell in love with the community, rather than move again with his current position, different opportunities were explored. He earned his MBA degree and then bought the Bike Peddler as the next logical step.