Bike Wizard School

Bike Wizard School is a 4-day hands-on maintenance and repair clinic in Bozeman, Montana. Working off your own bike, learn how to evaluate, troubleshoot, repair and maintain bicycles from Brian Wood. Brian is a graduate of Barnett Bicycle Institute for Bike Mechanics, built wheels for DT Swiss, and has more than 20 years experience training professional bicycle mechanics.

Each 5-hour day has a unique focus. Using your own bicycle as a basis, in the first class you will learn how to evaluate it. We will order replacements for worn components or upgrades through the shop, providing a 15% discount on new parts for class participants. Day 2 will cover general bicycle maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Day 3 will be spent installing the new components, tuning and fixing your bicycle. Day 4 will be a recap.

Classes will be taught noon to 5pm to provide students time to experience the outdoor landscape that Bozeman has to offer. Bridger Bowl ski area is 16 miles away and Bohart Ranch Cross Country Ski Center is 4 miles further up Bridger Canyon.

Winter 2017/18 Classes are offered in the following sessions. Each sessions is limited to 3 students. Session cost is $400. Students will need to bring their own bicycle. We recommend Bike Flights as the best option. Boxes and materials will be retained and may be used for return transport.

Upcoming Sessions

  • October 16-19
  • November 13-16
  • December 11-14
  • January 22-25
  • February 5-8