Bicycle Repair Classes at The Gear Wizard

Learn how to work on your bike or sharpen your skills with master mechanic and owner Brian Wood. Because of the times, space is limited. There will be a maximum of three participants with socially distanced work stations. To make the education more effective, Brian will be wearing a camera and transmitting images to multiple screens. Face coverings are required during class and in the bike shop. 

Four sessions will be offered October through December. Brian will be covering three different topics each session. Topics covered in each session are listed below.

Basic Tune Overview

All the systems of a bike will be covered. This includes how to tune a contemporary mountain bike, gravel bike and classic road bike. The classes are intended to be an overview and provide the most comprehensive information within time constraints. The classes are intended to be an overview and provide the most comprehensive information within time constraints.

Brakes and Shifting

Brake adjustment, troubleshooting and an overview of brake systems. Hydraulic disc brakes will be covered, including mineral oil and DOT disc brakes and bleeding those brakes. Rim brakes, including caliper, cantilever and linear pull brakes will also be covered.

Shifting systems will cover all systems of the drive train.  This includes the cassette, freewheel, chain, chain rings, bottom bracket, cranksets, front & rear derailleurs and shifters. Trouble shooting and adjusting most systems will be covered.  We will also cover different lubricants.

Wheels and Tires

All systems of the wheel are included; hubs, freehubs, bearings, axles, cones, skewers, thru axles, different types of spokes, wheel lacing patterns and different rim constructions will be covered. A sample wheel will also be built. Wheel truing based on DT Swiss standards will be instructed.

Tire removal and installation will be instructed. Also covered will be rim strips, rim tape, valves, tubeless systems, tubes, tire sizing and tire pressure.

Class will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m., with an hour lunch break. Lunch will be on your own. We have available a refrigerator, microwave and toaster oven. Ghost Town Coffee Roasters is located next door and has lunch options.You have the choice to pick and choose what class or classes you’d like to take or take all three! Check out the dates below.

Session 1 – October 22nd – 24th

  • Wheels and Tires – Thursday, 10/22
  • Brakes and Shifting – Friday, 10/23
  • Basic Tune Up – Saturday, 10/24

Session 2 – November 5th – 7th

  • Wheels and Tires – Thursday, 11/5
  • Brakes and Shifting – Friday, 11/6
  • Basic Tune Up – Saturday, 11/7

Session 3 – November 19th – 21st

  • Basic Tune Up – Thursday, 11/19
  • Wheels and Tires – Friday, 11/20
  • Brakes and Shifting – Saturday, 11/21

Session 4 – December 3rd – 5th

  • Brakes and Shifting – Thursday, 12/3
  • Basic Tune Up – Friday, 12/4
  • Wheels and Tires – Saturday, 12/5

Are you interested in an entire session, but can’t make all three days consecutively? Sign up for the days that work for you!


  • $200 for each session individually – $100 deposit at time of booking, remainder due day of.
  • $500 for the full set of 3 classes. These can be spread among multiple dates when there is space available – $200 deposit at the time of booking, remainder due day of first class.
  • 72 hour cancellation period. If cancelled within that time period, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • To book or if you have any questions call the shop at (406) 587-3737.